‘Ungers’ Study Provides Blueprint for Reform to Address Problem of Mass Incarceration

UPDATES/University of Baltimore School of Law

The American public is finally becoming aware of the problem of mass incarceration, but not enough is being done to address it. Reform efforts have focused on non-violent offenders, as UB School of Law Professor Jane Murphy wrote in a Dec. 3 Baltimore Sun op-ed.

“Over the past three decades, the number of people jailed in America has tripled to almost 2.3 million, more per capita than any other country in the world. The racial disparities in our criminal justice system are flagrant and well documented,” wrote Prof. Murphy, who directs the Juvenile Justice Project at the law school.

Most people serving long sentences should be considered for release, she wrote. “As I can attest from working with clients sentenced to life as children, many people convicted of violent crimes have been overcharged or wrongfully convicted. But — and this is crucial — even those who are guilty of…

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