3L Jasmine Pope publishes essay about her clinic experience

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Jasmine Pope Photo From left: 3L Jasmine Pope and her client Bessy.

Jasmine Pope, a 3L, published a post in the ImmigrationProf blog about her experience last semester representing Bessy, a transgender woman from El Salvador.

At first, Pope said, she was nervous about whether Bessy would like her and consider her a competent advocate. But Pope said she also began with the determination to do her best by her client, “a woman I had yet to meet, whose story I had yet to fully understand.”

As Pope got to know Bessy and delved deeper into her case, she said, she became afraid of what could happen: “The more confident I became in my knowledge of Bessy and asylum law, the more terrified I became that no matter how hard I worked and how deserving I believed my client to be, the system could work against us.”

Pope said her clinic…

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UB’s Immigrant Rights Clinic offers DACA renewal consultations

In response to litigation, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced this weekend it will resume processing certain DACA applications as of January 13, 2018. It is unclear at this point how long this policy will remain in place. There may be a very brief window of opportunity for eligible individuals to submit renewal applications.

Professor Nickole Miller of UB Law School’s Immigrant Rights Clinic has limited capacity to provide free DACA renewal consultations to the UB Community. To reserve a spot, please email or call her at nmiller2@ubalt.edu or (410) 837-5732.

More information on DACA and resources to protect yourself and your community can be found here: