Support UB Students for Public Interest

UPDATES/University of Baltimore School of Law

1The University of Baltimore Students for Public Interest (UBSPI) holds an annual auction that raises money for stipends to help UB law students working for public-interest organizations over the summer. Last year, the auction raised enough to cover 14 stipends.

As the 24th Annual Public Interest Gala & Auction approaches, we will share testimonials from students who have benefited from the generosity of UBSPI donors.

Every donation to UBSPI supports not just our students but also the important work they do to advance social justice in the Baltimore region.

Please join the University of Baltimore community in supporting this worthy endeavor by making a cash donation or by attending the auction on Friday, Feb. 23.

Harry Snoots, 2L
Mid-Shore Pro Bono (MSPB)

“While working with Mid-Shore Pro Bono (MSPB), I was able to interact with clients who needed help in areas such as elder law, consumer protection, foreclosure prevention…

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